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Late December Brews

Jan 23, 2008

I brewed two batches over my holiday vacation.  I ended up brewing the Blonde Ale recipe in Brewing Classic Styles as well as an ESB from the same book.  I’ve now tasted both and I am pleased so far.  They both need a bit more time in the bottle, but they were brewed only days apart so the finishing time should be about the same.  I should know a little more in about 2 weeks.

Changed the header.  Did you notice?  I like it but I think I need to adjust for title readability.

The Adequate Brewer


Amarillo Amber – Bottled

Mar 18, 2007

My first attempt at an American Amber Ale is now in the bottle.  When I brewed this one it was 1.062 and at bottling time it was down to 1.014.  Not bad. 

The taste bottle (the one at the end that never gets completely full) tasted quite good.  Not too bitter, but with tons of hop flavor.  I could drink all 48 bottles now.  And it was even an “amber-ish” color.

This is one of two beers that I will enter into a friendly competition at The Second Annual Dragon Brew Swap during Minis on the Dragon ( a yearly event for Mini Cooper enthusiasts) on May 4th.  I don’t really care if I win or not.  It’s just going to be fun.

The Adequate Brewer