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Summer Blues

Jul 12, 2010

Just like my last post, I have the blues.  Only now it’s the middle of summer.  The beer closet is all but empty.  I brewed a summer beer and an IPA around March and I am down to just a few bottles of each.  I still have several Old Ales, Imperial Stouts, and three or four of the Number 8 aging.  I brewed a summer Saison a month ago and I have yet to bottle it.  I know, the adequate brewer has turned into the lazy and depressed brewer.

The summer beer from March was an interesting brew and one that I really am proud of because I made up the recipe once again, and once again it is good.  I used flaked wheat, oats, barley, and corn as steeping grains and all my fermentables came from extract.  The flaked grains came out of the steep looking like gruel and smelled like they would be good with a little salt and butter.  The resulting beer is super-hazy, highly carbonated, and light, much like a Belgian Wit.  I used the Wyeast French Saison yeast and gave it plenty of sugar for carbonation.  While bottling it, I started thinking of what to call it and the words Gruel Summer came to mind in the form of the song Cruel Summer by Bananarama.  Yep, that tells my age right there.  I laugh every time I think of it.

The IPA that I made in March is dark and hoppy.  I wanted to make a dark-colored IPA and little did I know at the time that the Cascadian Dark Ale or whatever they are calling this “new” style would be all the rage.  I haven’t followed many of the brewing podcasts or publications lately.  I mentioned that I am now the lazy and depressed brewer, right?  Anyway, the dark IPA idea worked great in theory, but the resulting beer is not all that good.  I used all extract, as it was too cold out and I was just plain lazy by not at least doing a partial mash.  I used a whole bunch of hops that I don’t remember and the Safale US-05 yeast.  The beer is darker than most IPAs and quite bitter with a good hop aroma, but overall it’s just not that good.  I’ve drunk most of them, but that’s typical and not indicative of flavor in my house.

So okay, I have boo-hooed enough for today.  I’ll try to post more… when I brew more.

The Adequate Lazy and Depressed Brewer