Raspberry Blonde

I was on vacation just before Thanksgiving and had planned to do a partial mash brew of a blonde ale with raspberries.  The day I planned to brew turned out to be cloudy but in the mid 50s, so at the last minute, I milled some more grain and did the batch all-grain.  I can assume that this was the last all-grain brew day until spring.  I can’t imagine brewing outside this winter, even though I know people do it.

I wanted to use up some of various light base malts I had around so I mixed Pilsner and US 2-Row and added just a touch of Caramel 40 for some more depth.  I used Amarillo hops at the beginning of the boil for about 25-26 IBUs and no late hops at all.  Just before I shut off the burner, I added a 12 oz bag of frozen raspberries.  It was fun to see the raspberries basically explode when they hit the boiling wort.  The smell was incredible…in a good way.  I probably should have used my screen inside my kettle as the raspberries that didn’t disintegrate, wanted to clog the spigot.  All went well though, as I guess the raspberries were soft enough that they did shoot through the spigot and hose to the fermenter.  I use a strainer to catch the hop bits before they reach the fermenter with every batch and I am glad because I didn’t want all the raspberry chunks in there either.

I used Wyeast #2565 Kolsch yeast with a quart starter and by bedtime the batch was fermenting nicely.  By morning, there was a tremendous blow-off that lasted all day.  It has settled down after a week, but still I hear the satisfying “bloop” of the air-lock now and then.

As usual, I will post the recipe if, after tasting, it is worth posting.

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