New Brewing Plan

I have bad luck sometimes.  Saturday is my day to brew.  Lately, it seems to rain nearly every Saturday.  When it rains, I can’t brew on my all-grain setup outside.  On the few Saturdays it hasn’t rained, I’ve had some pressing task to c0mplete or engagement to attend.  The result is that I have only been able to use my all-grain equipment three times since the weather warmed up.  This is just plain sad.

I have a solution!  I know it is probably obvious, but it took me quite some time to come up with it.  I usually grind my grains on Friday evening, so I’ll grind enough grain to do a partial mash and keep enough extract around to brew on the stove if it rains.  But if I get a good Saturday, I can just grind the rest of the grain bill on Saturday and I’ll be set to brew outside.

I know, it’s not an incredible insight, but at least now I won’t run out of home brew.

The Adequate Brewer



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