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Homegrown Hops Update

Jun 3, 2009

It’s been about two months since the Hop Sprouts article and they (the hops) have been busy.

We had a week of off and on freezing temperatures soon after that article and I had to fashion some hop cage covers out of scrap fabric to keep them safe.  I think the weather might have stunned one of the plants as it didn’t grow very much for a couple of weeks after the cold.  It seems to still be growing but very slowly.  The other plant however, took off like a rocket and is now quite tall.  It’s hard to tell how tall they really are because they are wrapped around their ropes and the ropes are angled but I would say the tallest plant is about twelve feet tall. 

I have them angled toward my fence and just this past Friday, the plant reached the fence.  As of today it has grown another two feet and I’ve had to help it wrap around the rope along the fence.  I’ve read that I will need to continue to help it along the fence because hop bines tend to want to grow upward instead of horizontally.  It’s not a big deal to me to help the plant out as I am usually out gawking at them every day or two anyway.

Hopefully, this year I will actually get some hops out of this.

The Adequate Brewer