Hop Sprouts

I planted two Cascade rhizomes last year that really didn’t do much and were a general disappointment.  hopsprouts01They grew rather vigorously for a couple of months but then it seemed they just stopped.  No matter what I did, they just wouldn’t grow and they always looked like they were about to die.  Needless to say, I didn’t get a single hop cone.  All summer I fought bugs, drought, overwatering, and anything else you read about with growing hops.  I even had stray cats playing amongst the bines (vines).  Part of me was almost dreading this season… until they sprouted.

About two weeks ago, little reddish, tender sprouts popped out of the ground.  Then it frosted overnight.  A couple of days later I had three or four shoots per plant ranging from tiny nubs to about an inch tall.  Yesterday so as to not damage the roots, I carefully placed the tomato cages around the plants to keep the stray cats away.  Yes, they still come around along with hopsprouts02the occasional raccoon.  I’m thinking I’ll place moth balls around all the plant beds this year to encourage the strays to use other backyards as their personal restroom.

Anyway, I’ve included a couple pictures taken with my phone, just for the fun of it.  I need to get my regular camera charged so I can hopefully get better pictures for this site.

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