Dry Hopping

I dry hopped one of my experimental American pale ales yesterday with some of my new Centennial whole hops.  I’ve never used whole hops before so this was an experience.

First off, the pale ale has been in the dryhop01fermenter for 2 weeks and fermentation, I feel, is finished.  The yeast is still cleaning up after itself, but the furious fermentation is done.  This one was one of the most vigorous fermentations I’ve seen.  It was almost as vigorous as my hefeweizen that I made last year.  I used 2 smack packs of Wyeast #1056 (American Ale) since I didn’t have time to make a starter.

dryhop02Now back to the dry hop experience.  I used 1.5 ounces of my Centennial whole hops and poked them into the neck of a clean and sanitized carboy.  I then racked the beer onto the hops and put a new airlock in place. 

The hops floated on the surface as the beer level rose but they seem to be breaking up and sinking as of this morning.  The beer coming out of the fermenter smelled quite hoppy and looked fairly light colored and clear.  The smells from the new carboy with the Centennial hops on top smelled like American pale ale heaven.  Yum.

dryhop03I plan to bottle on Saturday and give it a taste.  This will be the second American pale ale that I have done in a row, so I want to give them a couple of weeks to carbonate and then try them side by side.  Hopefully, I’ll post a review or just a description of what I came up with.

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