Pound of Hops

Recently I received a pound of Centennial leaf hops from Northern Brewer.  They had a deal that I couldn’t pass up.  Plus it’s a pound of hops!  Yes, I said a POUND of hops.poundofhops

I’ve always used pellet hops, but like I said, it was a good deal for the leaf.  I ordered Centennial because I knew I liked that variety and I haven’t been able to get them lately because of the hop shortage.

The Centennial leaf hops arrived at 9.7% Alpha Acid and in a large oxygen barrier bag that looked a lot like a pillow, only full of hops.  We have a vacuum sealer that we rarely use but I have read that this is perfect for storing hops, so I weighed them out into 2 oz increments and packed them into vacuum sealed bags.  Thanks to my wife, we had an assembly line going as she cut and formed bags while I weighed and packed the bags.  I marked all the bags with the variety, AA%, and weight and pitched them into the freezer.

I plan to make a series of American pale ales and these will come in handy for most recipes.

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