Farmhouse Ales Part II

Last night I tasted the farmhouse ale that I brewed back in October and as it is obviously not ready, I can’t really comment.  Okay, so I can comment all I want.  It is “wheaty”, earthy, and slightly fruity.  The fruit in question here is banana.  The earthy aroma and flavor, I suppose is coming from the hops.  It is very light in color and reasonably clear at this point.  Some carbonation still needs to be achieved, but it should be plenty bubbly when all is done.  All of this seems a bit disconnected and green at this point but in another month, the flavors should meld together.

The malt bill is mostly Pilsener malt and flaked wheat, with a bit of Munich and CaraMunich to lend a touch of biscuit and slight toast flavor.  I added a load (12 oz) of Turbinado sugar at the end to dry it out and create the light mouth-feel that I planned as well as add a slight rum flavor.  I ended up using Sterling hops for the bittering addition and French Strisselspalt for the flavor and aroma additions.

I need a name for this batch if it turns out to be as pleasant as I hope.  Something quiet and peaceful. 

The Adequate Brewer



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