Big Mini Mash

I have figured out, I think that I can do partial or mini mashes in my bottling bucket.  Before this past weekend, I had been using a 2 gallon cooler with a giant mesh bag.  I have read that bottling buckets will work but that they lose heat quickly.  This turned out to not be the case for me.  My bucket/mash tun with six pounds of grain, only lost one degree in an hour.  I think my cooler/mash tun lost that as well. 

What this all means is I can now mash more grains and use less dry malt extract (DME).  This gives me more flexibility and less cost.  I can basically now brew all-grain beer and use no DME at all.  I am limited only by my means to heat mash water.  I typically heat 1.5 quarts of mash water per pound of grain and I have a 4 gallon pot (effectively able to heat 3.5 gallons) so I can mash in the 8-9 pounds of grain range.  This is all very exciting.

Now the bad news.  To brew like this I need to be able to brew outside using my big kettle and propane burner.  It’s now November and it’s getting cold.  I may have another weekend or two to brew outside, but that will be about it for this year.  Come on Springtime!

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