New Equipment!

I just recieved a new kettle and burner so I can now brew outside.

The Kettle
8 gallon Megapot with stainless ball valve from Northern Brewer.  Yeah!

The Burner
Bayou Classic Banjo Burner from Northern Brewer.  This thing apparently rates over 200,000 BTU.  Wow!

I can’t wait to break this stuff in, so I plan to make an English IPA this coming weekend.  The recipe is basically the same as Jamil’s in his book Brewing Classic Styles.  Also, since I still plan to do the counter-top partial mashes, I can mash all base grains (4 lbs total) in the cooler and steep the steeping grains in another pot on the stove, then combine.  This seems like it would work and it would give me that much more of my fermentables from grain instead of extract.

Maybe since I am in the mood to post, I’ll give a review of my Three Beers in Three Weekends brews.  I’ll put that in another post to keep things tidy.

The Adequate Brewer



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