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Ax of Angus and Partial Mashing Part 2

Dec 5, 2007

So, now the Ax of Angus is ready and it’s not a bad beer at all.  It’s flavor does not bash you over the head, but what flavor is there is good.  It is well carbonated, and extremely clear.  I wonder if leaving it alone in the Primary to settle had anything to do with clarity.

The next partial mash batch is about ready to bottle.  I made yet another Porter in hopes if finally coming up with a good one.  All the others just didn’t taste the way I want a Porter to taste.  I just need to get a few free hours to get the bottling done.  Hopefully, I can do it Thursday or Friday at the latest.

For the Porter partial mash, I used a huge nylon grain bag in the cooler/mash tun and that really helped, I think.  I think I need to pre-heat the mash tun before adding the grains.  I think this will help with the temperature drop problems I have seen.  The mash tun and grains are just too cool to allow for a 10-11 degree drop in strike water temperature.  Maybe I’ll run some hot water from the tap into the mash tun and cover it while the strike water comes up to 165 degrees.  I think my tap water can reach 100 degrees, so that should heat the cooler well enough.  We’ll see.

I’ve got a vacation coming up in another week so I plan to brew 3 batches during that time.
1st Batch: Blonde Ale with Target hops
2nd Batch: Arrogant Bastard-like Ale with lots of Chinook hops
3rd Batch: English Ordinary Bitter or Stout (I haven’t decided)

I’ve also been looking into a 7 gallon turkey fryer with a spigot to do full boils.  I think this would be fun, but also it presents some challenges and changes to the Engelramm Brewery.  Obviously, I would be brewing outside so I would need to take some precautions there, but there is the  issue of cooling that much wort also.  I have looked at immersion chillers and I think I know how they work, but I’ve also read that the water coming out at the beginning is near boiling so I have to watch where I run the water.  I don’t want to kill the yard.  My wife would not be happy either.  After Christmas I may get this fryer setup, but I really won’t be able to use it until Spring.  Do they even sell turkey fryers in the Spring?  Hmm…

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