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Partial Mashing

Nov 12, 2007

I followed Chris Colby’s article in Brew Your Own (BYO) magazine on partial mashing with some success about a month ago.  Of course I didn’t post about it because I’m lazy.  Anyway, I made the Ax of Angus recipe and with the only real problem being that my OG was a bit low, I think I’m going to like this method.  As with all the other methods and steps to brewing, I’ll get used to partial mashing and soon it will be just one of the steps to making adequate beer.

Tasting the Ax of Angus at bottling time, I can say that it is not great, but it will probably be a good beer once it conditions and carbonates.  I also didn’t rack to a secondary fermenter this time.  Yep, I just let the beer sit on the yeast for almost three weeks.  I’m just crazy like that these days.

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