Ommegang Clone Bottled and More

I finally got around to bottling the Ommegang clone.  It fermented for 3 weeks and sat in the secondary tank for nearly that long as well.  It has fallen quite clear but we’ll see once it has chilled if the very common “chill haze” appears.  I’m not too concerned.  There’s always a bottle that doesn’t get filled to capacity at the end of the bottling process, so that’s the one I taste.  It tasted green still, but the underlying taste was all Ommegang.  I’m thinking of calling it “Ohhmagawd!”.

I brewed my first IPA on July 7th, 2007 so it was appropriately called, “777”.  I used 7 pound of malt extract, 7 hop additions, and I tried to get the color to 7 SRM.  I think it’s going to be a bit darker than 7 SRM, but still pretty close.  One of the hop additions was a dry hop with 1 oz. of Cascade.  I should get to bottling it sometime next week.  I’ll try to post when I do.  Yeah, right.  I also still want to get some pictures uploaded too.

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