Long Time No Brew

I finally brewed again.  I brewed an Ommegang clone from Beer Captured.  I’ve never brewed a beer with 9.5lb of malt extract before.  Wow!  This beer also has 8oz of Belgian Candi Sugar in it, which brings me to a point.  Be careful when adding candi sugar “rocks”.  They splash.  Everywhere.  I had nearly boiling wort all over me.  It was burning my face, arms, hair, and t-shirt.  Note to self: hold the container of sugar very close to the surface of the wort and very carefully “place” the rocks into the wort.

This beer has been fermenting quite happily for 16 days now.  I’ve never had a beer go this long in the primary fermenter.  I even got a bit worried and contacted James Spencer of Basic Brewing Radio.  James told me to take Pappazian’s advice and Relax, Don’t Worry, and Have a Homebrew.  I followed this advice.

I’ll detail this a bit more later.  I also hope to have pictures sprinkled throughout the blog sometime soon.

The Adequate Brewer


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