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No Time For Brewing

May 23, 2007

My schedule has simply not allowed me time to brew for over a two months.  Although, I have been playing around with some recipe ideas.  I can’t decide between an American IPA or a Belgian Golden Ale.  The temperature is high enough in my closet to allow a Belgian to “come up” to an acceptable level during fermentation, but not hot enough to preclude brewing an IPA.

I did visit one of the local Farmer’s Market and picked up some locally produced honey for another batch of mead.  The 3lb jar was very light in color and quite clear.  It was cheaper than the honey I bought at a local Health Food/Organic grocery store.

I plan to flavor this batch (1 gallon) or at least half of the batch with some kind of dark fruit flavoring.  I’m thinking black cherry.  We’ll see…

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