New Grain Mill

I finally broke down and bought a grain mill.  I have been using a can of kraut to grind my specialty grains for 9 months now and I have found that I cannot get a good “crush” with it.  Imagine that. 

My porters and stouts have the faint roasted flavor to them but nothing to the level that they should.

 So, I bought a Corona grain mill.  This thing is a hunk of cast iron and it looks like it was painted silver with spray paint.  One of the ears on the side was broken when I pulled it out of the box.  I had some JB Weld so I pieced it back together and I think it should hold.  I really didn’t feel like taking it back since the homebrew shop only had one other in stock and its box was bashed all to hell.  The JB Weld seemed to work just fine.  I like “just fine”.

I first tested the mill by clamping it down to my kitchen table.  That didn’t work.  The table has a beveled edge on it and the vise clamp wouldn’t grab.  I then clamped it to the counter and was able to get a decent connection.

I ended up grinding about 3 ounces of various grains to get a feel for how fine it would grind at different settings.  The “settings” are just a wingnut on the end of the mill, so don’t think it is scientific.  I was able to set the grind to a medium coarseness and I think it should do the trick.  Excellent.  In two weeks I should be able to test it for real as I am brewing an English IPA, or an English Bitter, or maybe an American Barleywine.  Hell, I don’t know…

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